hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,


I know I've raved about PostSecret in the past, but I really liked this week's cards.

(I haven't linked to any of the images directly as it seems blogger blocks direct linking to their images, at least from LJ)

The first card hits home for me, as I remember thinking the same thing at one point when I was in marching band my senior year. I had a solo during the show, and my parents hadn't been to a show. Of course, they had no idea, as I hadn't told them. I eventually did tell them, and they got some of the later halftime shows as well as some of our contests.

The one about posting on taxpayer time has some relevance . . .

The two abortion ones are rather poignant . . .

The one that's just plain text by the 70 year old guy reminds me of conversations I've had with Kelly. The old man has no regrets, but he's apparently got some "what if's".

The irony of the smoking one made me smile.

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