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Church Story

Hmm, so I forgot to mention in the last post that before the service started, I was getting a cup of tea (the church has free tea/coffee stands), and this guy stops me and asks me if I'm a student. I explain no, that I'm just visiting from Montana, at which point he tells me he worked three summers in Montana at Glacier. Then he goes on to explain how he had a hard time as he's a natural biologist, and tells me how he believes in a supernatural being controlling evolution and things. Before he had gotten that far, I had almost made some comment about ID and the recent court case, but I bit my tongue.

Ends up he had stopped me as he was looking at starting a men's choir, and was looking for diversity, wanting Asians, Hispanics, etc. So, in other words he stopped to talk to me cause he thought I'd be a good messenger for God, and I would help him beet his Asian quota . . .

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