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Festivus Fun

So, idealismsmy brother and his roommate (Brad) organized a Festivus party last evening.

I found out during the evening that one of Brad's high school friends reads this journal. It was slightly strange in that he remembered the times where I've mentioned that my criteria for whether a girl is hot or not is would I turn my head to look twice.

Back to Festivus - the evening was a good time, with lots of good conversation and laughing. Tony had gone out earlier in the day looking for an aluminum pole, but had settled for a copper pipe. Of course, he forgot the pipe at home, so we didn't have a Festivus pole. We did though enjoy a late dinner at Figlio, a wood-fired pizza place. The airing of the grievances was fun and humorous, as there was a nice blend of true grievances, tempered with humor. I can't imagine what grievances would have been raised if I had celebrated Festivus with the Helena crowd. (I can just imagine Shannon with her famous/infamous "God bless ____ but . . . ")

If I had planned ahead a bit more I would have printed out some of these (with my picture instead of George's). I might still give some to my Helena friends, particularly those who are Seinfeld fans . . . though maybe I should keep George's picture, and add mine somewhere else . . .
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