hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

The rumormill

Helena is funny sometimes. I've got a reputation for being asexual in my peer group, and I've dodged a lot of drama, but people still wonder if I'm hooking up with people.

Some time last week, I had someone suggest I should try and date Sarah. I laughed about this, as while Sarah and I are great friends, I don't think there's ever been any romantic chemistry between the two of us. I think we work as friends because we're both highly individualistic, and we respect that about each other. We'll hang out and do things, but it's not the kind of relationship where we feel the need to spend hour upon hour with each other.

I had a good laugh last night when I was asked if I was hooking up with Tynille. I've only known Tynille for two weeks, and we haven't really spent that much time together, but apparently, people are wondering. Crazy.

While writing this post, I was reminded of the Murmur's song, Sucker Upper which starts off with the line "Asexual, far from intellectual." The song has absolutely nothing to do with my situation, just a song that I like.

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