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Wow. I'm really not an emotional person, and sappy movies don't do it for me in general, but for some reason I was just blown away by Shopgirl.

I'm sure that most of my enthusiasm for the movie is due to my cynicism. It presents relationships in so many lights. There's the awkwardness of asking someone out, first dates/impressions, and getting to know each other (Jason Schwartzman's character even says to Claire Dane's character "I'm an okay guy, by the way.") How relationships get screwy because both people have to want the same thing. There's "evil" characters who play the game (and end up getting burned because they do). And then there's a happy ending . . .

The pace of the movie is slow, and it takes quite a while to develop, just like a good relationship. It has its ups and downs, and in the end it's all worth it . . . there's probably a lesson to be learned somewhere in there . . .

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