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Winter hike
buzzed, B&W
So, Sarah and I went up Mt. Helena tonight. We didn't get started till around 5:40 or so, and got done just after 7. So, according to Weather.com, it was around 0 degrees Fahrenheit when we started, and had dropped to -5 by the time we finished. It didn't feel too cold, until I was about halfway down, at which point my fingers and hands starting feeling the cold. I probably should have been wearing some real gloves, instead of the lightweight ones I decided to wear, but whatever.

Was a nice hike though - it's been cold and windy enough that at the top, the snow has a nice crust on it, and you can walk on top of it. Of course, there are the spots where it's not got that frozen layer on top, and you're walking in snow that's six inches deep or whatever, but that's part of the fun of winter hikes.

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I miss winter hikes...is there slippery ice there yet?

Nope, no ice yet . . . it hasn't gotten warm enough to melt and freeze as ice, so it's just powder and packed powder . . . plus the winds been blowing up near the top, covering up the packed parts with fresh snow pretty regularly.

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