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buzzed, B&W
I'm not sure what it is, but something beneath my adductor is sore. I noticed when I got up this morning, but thought nothing of it. I didn't really notice it till I hiked Mt. Helena today in the snow. I don't ever remember getting sore there before (it's about the knee, on the inside of the leg), so it's a little weird. I'm pretty sure it's probably from snowboarding on Friday . . .

Of course, the gym, racquetball, and hiking probably didn't help at all . . . and I think Justin and I are going to play some more racquetball tonight . . .

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I don't know what an adductor is, but when I played soccer in HS I always had pain on the inside of my knee. Usually it was a sharp pain when I'd try to pivot, but it also happened while just running or putting weight on it (like walking up steps).

The doctor said it was "diseased cartilage," which probably was a nice way of saying "stop being a pansy." He said the only thing to do was make the knee stronger, but running more posed no risk.

Who knows if this has anything to do with your problem.

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