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Tech stuff
buzzed, B&W
So, I just sent a bit of time trying to get ljsm, a perl tool that backs up LiveJournals, to work. I had previously done this on the now defunct laptop, but this time I was doing it on the Gentoo box. On Windows, there's a binary available. On Linux, it's just a vanilla perl script.

When I first downloaded and ran it, I got a missing modules error, so the main hurdle I had to overcome was remembering how to use CPAN.

The one nice thing though is that they are scripts. LJSM saves all your posts in subdirectories by year, then month, with each post being it's own file. There's another script, allinone, that can write all these to a single html file. Because they are perl scripts, I was able to go in and fix two things that were bugging me. The first was that the date was being written in the European DD/MM/YYYY format. The other one was that the entries were sorted reverse chronologically by month, but the were sorted chronologically by date within the month. Slightly annoying, so I fixed the sort order too. Both were simple one line hacks, and it helped that the perl was reasonably simple. (My perl skills are atrocious these days, as I haven't written anything major in perl for probably close to 4 years . . . )