hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Reading Update

So, I've read a decent amount lately (in the last two months or so):

  • I read Palahniuk's Lullaby and Haunted. Lullaby was pretty standard Palahniuk, and like most of his books, I couldn't put it down. Haunted on the other hand was interesting. It's been compared to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, and it definitely reads that way. The stories are loosely tied together, and it was sort of like an onion. Each chapter/story you read revealed a little more, but I couldn't buy into the underlying belief that all the characters were trying to one up themselves to see who could have the worse experience to sell to the media and become rich and famous . . . I finished the book, but it was one of those books where I had to force myself to finish.
  • Hornby's How To Be Good - I didn't get into this one like I did About a Boy, but still a decent read. It does raise some interesting questions about what it means to be good, and are there limits (pragmatic, ethical, personal, etc) to being good.
  • Chabon's The Final Solution - Since I liked Kavalier and Clay so much, I thought I'd check out this one. It's written in the style of an old detective/mystery novel. While the concept and style were interesting, it wasn't a page turner.
  • All five books of the Indian in the Cupboard series - I go on kicks where I like reading childrens lit.

I need something new to read now . . . any suggestions?

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