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False Positive
buzzed, B&W
So, I was all excited that my laptop was working . . . but apparently it's just a big tease. The computer locked up on me yesterday, and now the HDD isn't working again. Seems that it wasn't the hard drive that died last time, but maybe the controller. I guess if I really wanted to get it to work, I could probably get an external drive and boot off that, but then I've really lost many of the the advantages of a laptop, namely the portability factor.

I really was surprised with the productivity jump I had when using the laptop as opposed to my desktop (an old AMD at 475 MHz with 512 of RAM running Gentoo). Man, I really do need to start some serious saving so I can replace my laptop (I've actually got money in stocks and mutual funds, but I really don't want to touch those . . . they're long term savings, not rainy day funds). We'll see . . .

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How can you put a price on improved productivity? :)

It might be worth selling off a few stocks if it means you'll get more done.

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