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Turkey Day 2005

Thanksgiving this year was fun. First off, some Helena transplants to Seattle/Portland rolled into town on Wednesday night. Kelly, Mel, Daniel, and Denae (sp?) showed up at Miller's around 10:30, and it was great to see them, and know that we had a full weekend of time ahead of us. It was kind of funny as Kelly ran up to be all excited and yelling and gave me a hug, then Daniel and I shook hands and hugged, then Mel and I hugged, and then it was Denae. I met Denae for the first time when we rolled out to Portland back in October. Denae was like "We don't have to hug" and offered me her hand. I was rather relieved, as I generally don't do physical contact (Kelly, Mel, Daniel, and I are all pretty good friends). Apparently, neither does Denae . . .

As for the actual turkey day, I got up around 8:00 (I couldn't sleep for some reason) and went and ran a 5k with Erin. Not a good 5k as I got a shin split about halfway in, and tried to run it out, but gave up with probably a half mile to go. Worst shin splint I've ever had, and my time of 30:05 didn't make things any better. While Erin was giving me a ride home, I was reminded of the previous night, as she said something silly, and reached over to pat me on the leg, and clearly hesitated before deciding that it was okay. What I really do like about our friendship is that right afterwords, we joked about the hesitation, and how I don't like physical contact. I don't remember what she said, probably something like "it'll be okay" regarding my shin splint or something . . .

After the 5k, I went home and made green bean casserole, and went to the guys' place. I got there, did the dishes that had piled up while they had been cooking, made some stuffing, and ran my casserole up to the house on the hill to bake the casserole. We sat down to chow at 1:00, and we had a crowd of 15 (Joe, Greg, Steph, Justin, Shannon, Bob, Matt, Kelly, Teneille (sp?), Sarah, Aaron, Jake, Kat, Lisa and me). Pot-luck style, so there was a ton of food. I had tripled the standard recipe for green bean casserole, and was surprised that it was almost all devoured. Perhaps's my favorite item of the day was Joe's smoked turkey - super moist, and with that great smoked flavor. Our Thanksgiving meal reminded me of this IR article.

Kind of amusing is the lack of drinking that occurred - being the crowd we are, we had gone and got six growlers (half-gallons) of beer at Blackfoot, Lisa brought whiskey to go with the apple cider, I contributed a case of Fat Tire, Kelly had brought 3 bottles of wine from Oregon vineyards, Marcial had left us two bottles of wine, etc etc. In the end, I had some spiked cider, and two Fat Tires - not a heavy drinking day at all, and it seems most of the others were pretty mellow as well, drinking just a few glasses of wine. Not a big deal as we have all weekend to deal with it, and I'm sure someone will enjoy the beverages . . .

Mel, Kat, and I went to see Rent (which for some reason didn't make it to Helena on Wednesday, but was here today). I really enjoyed the musical when I saw it back in '98 or so, and I've probably got 90% of the soundtrack memorized. The movie is admirable, and seeing the story retold, especially on Thanksgiving reminded me a lot about my friends and where we are right now. The scene at the Life Cafe after the protest was most fitting, as it was everyone hanging out with good friends, celebrating their "Bohemian" life style, enjoying food, and yelling for "wine and beer!"

I've got to the point sometimes where the lyrics don't quite click, and it's almost going through the motions when I sing along with Rent, but seeing it as a production brought it home again. During the Tango Maureen, there's a great carpe diem type line focusing upon relationships:
"When you're dancing her dance
You don't stand a chance
Her grip of romance
Make you fall
So you think, 'Might as well'
"Dance a tango to hell"
'At least I'll have tangoed at all'
The other line that really stands out in my mind was when the friendships are all falling apart, people are moving on, and their "family" is falling apart:
I can't believe this family must die
Angel helped us believe in love I can't believe you disagree
I cant believe this is good bye
Fitting considering that Steph is leaving for Reno tomorrow, and Greg leaves for Sidney early next week. This also clicks in my mind to Urban Tribes - a book Steph and Greg read and highly recommend. From the website:
Rather than settle down into traditional families, he and his friends have formed an Urban Tribe -- an intricate community of young people who live and work together in various combinations, form regular rituals, and provide the support of an extended family.
Matches up pretty well with our crowd here in Helena . . . and makes the above line from Rent that much more relevant. Our "family" is the crowd that hangs out at the house, and while we have two members leaving, our family won't die, and our "tribe" will change and adapt.

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