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Dichotomies and a challenge
buzzed, B&W
So, the overlap between the people I know in Helena and MySpace is pretty large. I added Ashley last night, and it seems that led to Emily adding me today. I was surprised by how much our musical tastes overlap (Mike Park, Catch22, Specials, LTJ, Suicide Machines, Voodoo Glow Skulls, etc). This made me think how if people ran into us, they wouldn't ever think we have the same musical tastes from first impressions. Emily's a stereotypical punk-rocker chick, with the spikey hair that changes color almost weekly, facial piercings, and the associated fashion sense, whereas I'm a clean cut, preppy kind of guy most of the time.

This dichotomy made me think of my recent rational vs. emotional thing I've got going on. While I'm probably one of the most rational people you'll meet, it's surprising how I sometimes let emotion get away and dictate my actions. It pisses me off actually.

On an unrelated note, Ashley also posted this the other day:
People have this tendency to think poorly of themselves, to berate themselves over the silliest things. So I dare you to write down 15 things you adore about you. Pass it on and remember not to be so f***ing hard on yourself.
I really like the idea behind this, and it's one reason I like how we end Trainer's Toolbox (we go around our small groups, and everyone has to say one adjective or phrase about the person in the hot seat). We're bad at taking compliments, and we're even worse at saying what we like about ourselves. So, here's my list:

  1. My intellect.
  2. My attention to detail.
  3. My speed (only because Shannon was raving about it the other day)
  4. My athleticism - soccer, hiking, snowboarding, football . . . I've really come to terms in the last few months that I am athletic, whereas in the past I thought I wasn't (probably because I was comparing myself to all the star athletes in my high school).
  5. My sarcasm
  6. My dry sense of humor
  7. My geekiness
  8. My candor
  9. My confidence
  10. My rationalism - wow 15 is a lot . . .
  11. Umm . . . my cynicism - yes I'm a cynic, and I embrace the fact . . .
  12. My hair - even if I change it regularly, it's part of who I am and I like the fact that it's ever changing.
  13. My clutter - yes, my car and apartment are a bit disorganized . . . deal with it
  14. Eek, I still need two more . . . I adore how I challenge myself physically, whether it be going to the gym, hiking, speed drills, whatever . . .
  15. My general attitude towards life - it's full of ups and downs, but it keeps moving forward, no matter what, so you deal with the bumps as they come . . .
I've been thinking about joining a gym, which makes me want a nano.

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I bought a nano to use for when I went running. Well the running hasn't really happened much the past two months.. but I still use it for yard work.. which is basically done for the year also. I got the armband thing also, it works well.

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