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The 'rents . . .
buzzed, B&W
So, this weekend was relatively low-key. Friday night, my parents flew in at midnight, so I spent the earlier part of the night watching Moulin Rouge! I really do like Luhrmann's stuff in general (though I haven't seen Strictly Ballroom. They just do a wonderful job of highlighting things, be it visuals, language, music, etc. Anyway, shot a quick game of pool with Justin at the Rialto, before picking my parents up at the airport.

Saturday was the parental marathon. We spent most of the day eating, as there wasn't much else to do. We ate at No Sweat, Jade Garden, and the Silverstar. My parents also got me an early Christmas present at Big Sky Board Sports, getting me some pretty sick gear.

Saturday night, I ended up meeting up with the crowd at Miller's, for this pretty impressive jazz/blues style woman, as well as just a decent time hanging out with the crowd. I did end up walking Joe home, not because he was trashed, but kind of a just in case deal. After that, I didn't get to bed till like 2:30 or 3:00, which was a bit silly considering I was meeting my parents at 6:00 to take them to the airport. Anyway, after the airport run, I went back to bed, but couldn't sleep more than two hours, so I did that. I went hiking today at Trout Creek, hung out with various folks here and there, and just did little things to kill time. My whole goal was to stay awake w/o a nap, and I succeeded, so I should be able to go and crash now, and be okay tomorrow. Yea!

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Someday, I'll buy myself real equipment. Maybe a jacket this year.

But I did wax my own board today. I'm ready to go.

The package deal includes life-time waxing and a bag (though they're not in stock yet). I left everything but the boots at the store, so I'm going to go back when they have the bags in stock. I'll also have to get a stomp plate while I'm in.

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