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So Long, Astoria

So, Christine and I went to visit K-Hart in Portland this week. (Unlike the title of this post would suggest, I didn't make it to Astoria and pay homage to the Goonies . . . ).

The drive wasn't bad. We stopped at a place called Zips (which seems to be located in the Pacific Northwest, but I can't find a website) where I had this huge, greasy monstrosity of a burger. 3 beef patties on a rectangular shaped bun. Was a solid, greasy burger that happened to hit the spot.

We got to Kelly's Friday evening and went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant (I think it was this one). Very tasty.

Saturday, we went downtown and heard Jackson Katz. While I haven't seen any of his videos, he did raise some interesting points. He started off with the idea of language, and the power it holds, so rather than referring to his topic of interest as "women's issues," he uses other terms, such as gender violence. His emphasis upon language made me think of how I refer to the female players of our soccer team as "girls." I'm not sure if that degrades women or not, but it is food for thought. (On a related note, I was surprised to see that one of the local high school's was referring to their boy's team as the men's soccer team on their calendar/poster that they give to sponsors.) Katz was also saying that if he were given the opportunity, that rather than talk to students, he would want to speak to the male leaders at the schools, believing that a top down approach, focussing upon the role models is key. I tend to think that we need multi-faceted approaches, coming at issues from all directions, and hopefully meeting in the middle. The last thing he really made me think about is why are most gender violence crimes instigated by males? Is it cultural? Genetic? Where's the intersection? Katz rejects the genetic argument, saying that we're better, more advanced than that . . . who knows . . . but it does make one wonder . . . and there probably is a significant cultural influence leading to sexual violence (looking at other cultures would probably help with regards to this . . . )

We checked out the Saturday market, before going to get some Chinese. I think this is the Chinese restaurant we ate at. I really liked it, but I think Christine and Kelly were a little freaked out by the authentic Chinese, and they ordered standard American Chinese items - Kelly had potstickers and eggrolls, while Christine had some sweet and sour pork or something. I went with ma po tofu - nothing too exotic, but something authentic. The reviews on City Search are interesting and split - the people who ordered American Chinese think the place is horrible, while the people who ate more authentic dishes, commented on the high percentage of Chinese people, etc, rated it highly.

Anyway, more important than the food was the fact that the Golden Horse is where Mel met up with us. We headed back to Kelly's and we went and rented Word Wars. The girl at Blockbuster was saying she had just rented it, and that it was decent, but it was no Spellbound. Her review was accurate. It was interesting in the same way Spellbound was, in that you get sucked in to the lives of these people, and wonder how they do it, but it just wasn't as compelling as Spellbound. We crashed out after the movie.

Sunday we went for a beautiful hike (and let me say, I'd forgotten how pretty leaves are when they change in the fall) that ended at Punchbowl Falls. It was a nice hike along Eagle Creek - I ran probably a half mile of it, and was thinking it'd be a great running trail, at least going up hill. The only real drawback to trying to run it would be that there are points where it's rather narrow. We also stopped at the Vista House, which led to some amazing views of the Columbia.

After we got cleaned up after the hike, we met up with Mel and Daniel and had dinner at this great Cajun place. Was the first time I had oyster shooters (Daniel and I were the only ones doing them). They were shot glasses with an oyster, cocktail sauce, horseradish, and lemon wedges. More tastiness. After dinner, we went to a pirate themed bar, where I chatted with Hilary, one of Daniel's housemates. Was interesting in that she was a figure skater who went to Nationals for ice dancing when she was 18. After that, we went to a lesbian club. This was new to me as well - I've been to gay clubs and lesbian bars, but the lesbian club was uncharted territory. I had to get past a bit of awkwardness at being one of the few guys in the club, and then one of the only guys dancing, but it was nice to be at a club, as compared to the standard bar. We closed out the night stopping by a little tavern. Was a nice little bar that had $2 drafts of PBR, and fifty-cent pool. While the table and cues weren't the greatest, it was a dive bar and there were maybe a dozen people total in there, so a nice low-key atmosphere.

During the drive back Monday, we stopped at a Flying J's west of Spokane and grabbed some Subway's. I was surprised to see that the lottery machine had the warning of having to be 18 to buy tickets in Korean, but not in Spanish. I guess there's a large Korean population in the area?

Anyway, while this rambling post makes it sound like all I did was eat while in Portland, it was nice to just spend time with Kelly. While Kelly didn't follow the original itinerary I suggested for the trip, it was still great to hang out with her . . . even if I did end up leaving my coat on her cot . . .

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