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Social networking sites
buzzed, B&W
There's definitely a part of me that wonders about the math/matrices/etc behind social networking sites. I wonder if the band pages on MySpace change the types of networks that are formed? Do the different sites have different types of networks, or do they all end up being the same?

Anyway, it's interesting how people find you on the sites - Kat found me on MySpace, and I'm not sure how. I met her a few years ago, either at d2k.2 or d2k.3. My gut is saying d2k.3 because I think that was the last year that Chris had a UL team competing, and I remember her hanging on one of the guys on the team as a senior in high school, and then the next year, her and her friends had a UL team, but I didn't seem them this year. That sounds about right . . .

I just searched through my archives, and found that I don't write about DI Globals that often. In fact, the only two posts I found are talking about my travel - 2003 and 2004. I'm surprised I never do a wrap-up post after Globals (I'm usually way too busy with stuff to write during.)


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