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Following your dreams
buzzed, B&W
Nice feel good piece about Chef Charlie (former chef at Google). Tony's mentioned to me before how diverse the food at the cafeteria is, with there being Indian, Korean, Japanese, etc. It's too bad that Helena doesn't have the population density to support the type of restaurant he wants to open: "The menu will be a mix of salads, sandwiches, wraps and soups, with heavy Pacific rim and Latino accents; it will include everything from burgers to mango lassis (yogurt smoothies). A lunch might be a whole-wheat tortilla wrap with tahini-lemon tuna salad, cabbage, fresh sprouts, carrot, toasted pine nuts and mint for about $4.95. A side of carrot-almond salad, flavored with cumin, rice-wine vinegar, red currants and green onions, might cost $2.95." Yummy. (The only reason I really posted this is because Tony gave me one of his free shirts from work that's celebrating Chef Charlie's fifth anniversary with the company.)