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Katrina stuff
buzzed, B&W
So, there have been lots of stories about how screwed up things have been with the hurricane relieft efforts. There have also been some moving stories.

I'm a bit curious to see how suspending the prevailing wage law will affect things, if at all. Our soccer team's goalie is actually talking about taking one of the government constructuion contracts, and that he'd be making $2400 a week . . . which seems to imply that it won't make a bit of difference . . .

I'm pretty saddened by the state of affairs, though I do like the fact that it has shown many people just how big of a gap there is in our country . . . freaking 30% living below the poverty level in NO, many of whom had no means to get out of the city, and the systems that are meant to assist those in poverty totally failing . . .