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So, Tony Hawk was in Helena - I wish I had known. I'm pretty impressed with the skate park that Helena has . . .

Justin had mentioned Bitter Asian Men to me earlier, but I finally got around to checking it out. (A quick google search even shows they were mentioned on the better known Angry Asian Man site). I've only glanced at the page, but the most interesting bit is that I think I know (or know of) one of the authors. From the site FAQ:

David Wannemacher was born near Dayton, Ohio to a Taiwanese mother and a German father. As a child, he excelled at the typical Asian pursuits, and in particular, classical music and academics. David achieved much by the time he finished high school, including being invited to play violin in the All-State Orchestra for four consecutive years, achieving the equivalent of a black belt in Kung-Fu, and obtaining a full ride to The Ohio State University. Four years and $60000 of taxpayer dollars afterwards, he earned two degrees: one in Mathematics and one in Computer Science Engineering, and finished with a 3.94 GPA. David is currently 22 years old and works as a software engineer in Minnesota. In his spare time, he plays video games, tinkers with his computers, lifts weights, and practices martial arts. He is extremely bitter because his Asian girlfriend of more than four years dumped him for a white boy shortly after he moved to Minnesota.

I was first intrigued by the fact that he grew up near Dayton, and then thought the name sounded awfully familiar. So, google for his name . . . and I find this picture of him from the Ohio State ACM ICPC team. Another result for him is from the 2000 OCTM Math Contest, which is a contest I remember competing in when I was in high school. Wannemacher probably sticks out in my mind since he graduated the same year as fellow Trojan Pete Johnon and Thomas Worthington's Kai Sung, both standouts that I knew, Pete personally, and Kai by reputation.

Lastly, Oracle is buying out Siebel Systems. This only registered on my radar because I just recently learned that Siebel has two ranches in Montana. Apparently he (or his foundation) have donated lots to Montana - dinosaurs, Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, the soccer complex here in Helena, and most recently the Montana Meth Project. (He also paid for a building at my brother's, and Siebel's, alma mater). The Montana Meth Project is a pretty impressive campaign - while most of their material would be described as "health terrorism," the amount of buzz it's generated (you hear people discussing the ads pretty frequently) is amazing. The ads (TV, print, and radio) are on the website . . . the eyebrow one is perhaps the most talked about.

Anyway, dinner time . . .

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Ah, I know (knew?) David. He was in DPYO and JSO (the junior high one). He was concertmaster of JSO and I think he was 3rd chair of DPYO during my senior year (Ben Tomkins was concert master).

I was probably told at some point who his college girlfriend was by Vivian (his HS girlfriend), but now I can't remember.

Heh, they didn't do so well in the ACM regional contest that year, even Miami beat them [1].

Too bad they don't have OCTM scores from when we were in HS. I don't remember what I placed.

The bitterasianman site is clearly an attempt at humor, the key word being attempt.

Anyway, your mention of Pete, Kai, and David seems to suggest that success in HS mathematics isn't a string indicator of success after high school.

I think I have some sort of latent spite towards my HS math rivals. I think you've brought it to the surface.

[1] Of course, Miami also beat OSU when I was a freshman. One of my teammates, Matt Wheeler, was quite happy about this because there was some arrogant jerk on their team talking trash.

Wooo, go WSU, we got 1 that year!!

And look at XU all the way at the bottom, poor them!

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