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Still breathing . . .
buzzed, B&W
So, I'm still alive . . . I just don't post much.

New Orleans is crazy and surreal . . . inderictor is a neat example of how technology is changing our world . . . it's written by a guy who's with Intercosmos Media Group, who happens to run directNic, which in turn provides DNS, hosting, and other services for many, many websites. Apparently, his parents decided to stay when everyone else was leaving the city, so he stayed as well. It's interesting to see the perspective that he writes with, though it is tech heavy at times. I've friended him for a bit . . .

On a listserv I'm on for work, I saw this post about NCLB. It's a very well written piece on what's wrong with NCLB, and what's more impressive is that it's written by a 17 year old. The other essays from their contest are also very strong, with this one by a 16 year old on NCLB another great bit.

I don't read the Onion often, but some of their pieces are just great. This one made me laugh, even if it may not be the most politlcally correct, and their piece on "intelligent falling" is hilarious . . .or tragically sad, depending on how you look at it.

And back on the topic of education, the AP had a well written article with the stunning quotation "forty percent of public school teachers plan to exit the profession within five years, the highest rate since at least 1990 , . ." Scary stuff . . .

Anyway, heading out to an End of Summer Party (the password is "redbull" for those who are curious). Should be a good time . . .

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Gotcha Ernie.

And I didn't even have to google for ya.


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