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Long days
buzzed, B&W
So why am I an idiot? It's now 2:46 AM in Washington, D.C. (Realistically it's only 12:46 back in MT).

Anyway, the National Conference on Volunteering and Service has been pretty interesting. The conference Kicked off Thursday morning with a 2 hour opening session. Jon Bon Jovi was there - which is why Steph insisted that we had to get there early to get good seats. Bon Jovi was probably less than 50 feet away from where I was sitting. The sessions have been mixed, with some good, and some bad, which is to be expected. One of them was basic enough, that I spent the majority of the time writing a note to Mel.

This evening was long, as there was a reception at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Kind of a neat deal as they had food and drink scattered throughout the building. The surprise was that the drinks were free . . . not that they had any good beer, but still. Afterward, we took a moonlight monument tour. I ended up dozing off for about 30 minutes on the bus. After that, we got back to the hotel around 11:20, and went to the sports bar in the hotel, shot some pool, and drank a yard and a pint of beer. For some reason, after I walked Shannon back to her hotel, we decided it'd be a good idea to get another drink. So we had another pint (Foggy Bottom, which wasn't bad), and since the bartender accidentally poured an extra pint, Shannon and I split a third one.

The bar was closing down, so then I ran into some people in the hotel lobby, who are apparently with the Teacher's College at Columbia through some Peace Corps teacher certification program, and got into a long conversation about educational reform. I ended up talking with them till like 2:30, which was much later than I needed to . . . a walk back to the hotel, and now I'm babbling here . . .