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We got a new class of VISTAs here in Montana (PSO pictures are here).

Tonight I was helping one of the girls with her stuff . . . so this girl comes from one extreme, where she doesn't know what a Phillips screwdriver is, and instead of getting used furniture at Good Sam, dropped around $300 at Target. While I enjoyed putting together the stuff, I kept thinking how cheap it was (it's all particle board), and that the thrift store stuff would be better.

KHart left this morning. We had a pretty emotionless goodbye this morning. I don't think it's really hit me that I won't be able to hang out with her anymore. I was surprised how emotional I got about it . . . like there was definitely a part of me that was wanting to hug her and hold her whenever I saw her these last few days. I'm really bad at staying in touch with people, and I was joking with her before she left that I'd call her twice a year in response to her comment about her saying that friendships have to be two-ways, that she won't always be calling me. It's a good thing I gave her a call tonight . . . that means I only have to call her one more time in the next 365 days . . . ;)
Tags: americorps, kelly, vista

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