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buzzed, B&W
So, yesterday I went tubing down the Clark Fork for the Milltown-to-Downtown event with the Clark Fork Coalition. (Cody's wife Beth started a new job with them two weeks ago.) I got to meet Beth, which was nice, and we also got a peek at their apartment. I haven't gone floating since probably 2002 when I was in Cinci, and we were doing the annual float trip with the Overly clan.

The river was pretty warm, but it was a windy and partly cloudy day, so there were times when I was breaking out in goosebumps, but I still had a nice relaxing time. Even with the weird weather, I did get a bit much sun, making me thing I got a mild case of sun poisoning. While my skin is a bit red, I've been dragging all day today, and I feel like I'm running a slight fever.

Oh well . . .