hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Going on a permanent holiday . . .

So, yeah . . .

Friday I ended up going on the Last Chance Tour Train that goes around Helena and talks about some of the history. Was kind of interesting to learn about some of the stuff. Mel, a local who said I needed to go, and I decided we'd play tourists. She wouldn't admit to the tour guide where she was from. I took lots of pictures.

After hanging out with Mel for most of the afternoon, Friday night got way long. Bert and Ernie's was having a block party for their 31st anniversary, which I went to at seven. That segued into the bars, which then transitioned to a trip to Greg and Justin's old place. After some escapades at their building, we went back to their unit, and about 10 minutes later there's a pounding on the door. We all get real quiet thinking it's a noise complaint, but then we hear Greg say "Hello officer." The police end up saying something along the lines of the landlord says your guests are no longer welcome and doesn't want to see them ever again. Good thing it was their last night in the place . . .

While the police incident was the most memorable, it's also worth pointing out that while we were going from the street to the GB, Jason asked me "So what's with you and Kelly?" At which point I laughed, and he was clarifying his question, asking if we had ever dated and saying something like "come on man, you can tell me." I then told him that nothing had ever happened, and that we were just friends. It's amazing how many people assume there's something going on between the two of us . . . I'm sure Kelly will love to know that this time it was Jason . . .

Saturday was a bit long too, with my getting a call from Greg that they had just got a "kangaroo-elephant" and needed reinforcements. Anyway, what they really had was what the Brewhouse calls a giraffe. Here's a picture of one. After the long afternoon in the sun, drinking beer, I went to get my brother from the airport. We then grabbed a quick bite at the Staggering Ox, before rolling out to Lakeside. I'd never been out there, and I understood why people liked it - large outside deck, live music, horseshoe pits, sand volleyball, large fire pit, and it's on the lake.

I thing we're going to go for a hike today, but I'm not sure who we is, much less where we're going. I'm thinking maybe Crow Creek Falls . . . we'll see how that goes . . .

. . . it's going to be a long weekend.
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