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So, while I still have lots of things I want to write about (switching cell service to Verizon, d2k.5, and Crash), I'm tired, so I'm picking the shortest. Last night we had our final soccer game of the season. I was a little late to the game, and when I got there, I saw Lance score off a header. Then, while I'm sitting and putting on my socks and cleats, another goal is scored, so here I am, thinking it's 2-0, and we're blowing away the other team. I finally get on the field, and in less than five minutes, I've got a break away, and I score my second goal of the season. I'm thinking the score is 3-0, when Greg comes up to me, congratulating me, and says "You know it's 4-0 now . . . " Apparently I missed the first goal.

Anyway, the half ends, and the game is going pretty much as expected. We went in as the first place team, undefeated (though we had a tie), and they were the last place team, with no wins. So, start of the second half, we pull our defenders up, and our offense switches back. We end up giving them a couple of our subs as well, and suddenly they're on a scoring rampage, and the game is tied. We're pretty demoralized, and slow to move players back to offense, and we end up losing the game 7-4. Whoops. Not a big deal as we're still in first place with 16 points, and Far Post has to win against BrewCrew to even tie us (at which point, we'd still be champs as we beat them in the regular season).

The bigger news of the night is that during the second half, I somehow get tangled up in the defense, take a dive, and get a knee to the side. I'm slow to get up, and I'm doing that weird half breathing thing, where you're trying to inhale, but you're not getting any air. Mary is talking to me, and I'm trying to talk back, but I can't since I'm just trying to get some air, and walk it off. I thought I'd just had the wind knocked out of me, but at Miller's, it's hurting everytime I laugh or take a deep breath. I think no big deal, I'll sleep it off. I go to bed, and wake up this morning, in pain, with that spot where I got kneed really tender. I end up driving to work because I don't want to walk, and I have some errands to run, and I'm really struggling in the morning, sitting at my desk, trying to control my breathing, and still feeling a pretty acute pain whenever I take a deep breath, make a sudden move, or laugh.

I'm thinking it's broken or bruised right now, but nothing I can do if the rib is damaged. Bleh. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I'm out of town for our first tournament game, have VISTA graduation for the second (Thursday night), and we don't have our last game till Thursday the 30th. Hopefully I'll be in playing condition by then . . .

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