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Where everybody knows your name . . .
buzzed, B&W
So, I live in a small town, but sometimes I forget just how small . . .

I went to see Crash tonight, as I wanted a low-key evening and some solitude. I walked to the Myrna Loy (the local theatre for independents), which isn't very far away (all of 0.2 miles according to Google).

So, leaving the theatre, I'm walking home, and run into Christine and Mel, who I talk to for a bit. We have a quick conversation about the movie (they're on their way to see it). So, I finish the conversation, and walk all of 30 feet, when I hear "HEY ERNIE!" Apparently, Chelsea and Chris are just finishing up with dinner from On Broadway, so I end up talking with those two for a bit. I then decide I want a bottle of wine and some garlic bread to snack on this evening, so I get in my car, and while leaving, I see the Kirkpatrick's (Stu was the coach of the high school DI team I knew from Helena). Fortunately, we're going opposite directions in the parking lot, so I get away with just a wave and a smile.

On a completely unrelated note, it seems that scientists have found that for fruit flies, sexual orientation is the result of a single gene . . . crazy to think that there's an on/off switch for whether you're homo/heterosexual (at least for simple insects) . . . and I'm sure there'll be people having a field day and making this study mean a lot more than it does . . .


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