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Flying to Knoxville
buzzed, B&W
So, I'm on the plane to Knoxville now. It's a whopping 34 minute actual flight time from Cinci to Knoxville.

Anyway, I was able to get some Goldstar. While not quite the goodness of the Clifton Skyline, the large 4-way with onions has been a definite perk. I was a little concerned when I got into Cinci, thinking I wouldn't have time to see if there was a Goldstar, as I had to get from terminal B to terminal A. Fortunately, while I was making the trek across the airport, I happened to see a Goldstar, and took a detour to order the 4-way, even at the ridiculously expensive price of $5.99 ($6.35 with tax), it was tasty and filling. Unfortunately, it's left me wanting more!

It's interesting how just being in the airport brought back feelings of nostalgia, the memories of being in Clifton, long nights at Christy's, etc etc.


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