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Ungodly Early
buzzed, B&W
Let me say, 6 AM flights are ungodly early. While the Helena Regional Airport is small enough that you can get there probably 45 minutes before the flight, there is no reason a human should be waking up at 4:30 AM.

I've got a slight layover here in SLC, before heading to CVG, and on to TYS. I've only got 50 minutes or so in Cinci. It's 7:30 AM in the morning, and I'm already craving Skyline. While I doubt there's a Skyline in the Cincinnati airport, I might be able to find a Goldstar or other Cincinnati-style chili. How bad is it that I'm craving a 4-way, instead of craving sleep? Mmm . . . that wonderful bed of spaghetti, covered with that savory chocolate/cinnamon chili, a layer of onions, and that fluffy stack of shredded cheese. Syline, how I miss thee . . . I'm going to be sorely disappointed if I can't grab a 4-way (I'll even settle for a 3-way) while in the airport.

After I get in to Knoxville, I'll grab some dinner, and then I have a conference call I need to deal with for the DI Alumni Association, which is going to involve painful politics. *sigh*