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Long days and nights
buzzed, B&W
So, Friday night was meant to be low-key, as I was planning on running the Montana Race for the Cure. I figured I'd go to the Brewhouse, have a light dinner and a pint or two, do the Art Walk, and call it a night. Well, instead, after the Art Walk, we ended up at the bar, and after closing the bar, Kelly and I went to Perkins, so the early night ended up being a 3 AM night.

Saturday started about 6 hours later, with my getting up and going to Stephanie's so we could head on over to the Capital for the Race for the Cure. It was a pretty impressive event, and I'm glad I participated. I hadn't planned on running, due to the fiasco with my shins, but on the last minute on Friday, I caved and paid the $20 registration fee and decided to run. Running with the large group was quite the difference from the race Wednesday, where there were maybe 20 5k runners. With the group, it was much easier to not notice my shins, and I ran the whole race (though I was favoring my right leg, and I'm guessing had a weird looking stride). According to the 2005 Race results, I finished in 379th place, with a time of 30:37.2, which I can't complain about, considering my training regime, or my pre-race routine. Carolyn and Stephanie ran as well (29:02.6 and 35:21.5 respectively). Justin was a "phantom" runner, who ran without paying (he decided at around 11 PM or something last night to run.

Anyway, after the race, we worked on fixing Steph's car (leaky tail-light gasket was causing the spare tire well and the passenger seat floor to flood), and then I went to Real Food to get some seafood. Afterwards, passing on an invitation to hang out at the lake, Carolyn, Kelly, and myself had a little barbecue. I was pretty tired, and thought I'd have an early night again. Instead, we ended up going for a drink at the Windbag, and then drinks and nachos at Silver Star, at which point it was almost midnight and I was ready to call it a night. Of course, Justin calls, and says he's at the Gold Bar and we should go out, and I'm about ready to tell him no, until he pulls out his trump card - "It's my birthday!" So of course, we have to go out and celebrate for a bit (meaning closing the bars down).

So much for relaxing . . . the rest of today involves doing some laundry, maybe a walk or something, and then Erik's going away party at 8:00 this evening.


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