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Running, shin splints, friends, links, and more!

So, I "ran" my first 5k race today, testing out what it's like to run, since I'm planning on running a 10k in June. While I haven't been training, I have been playing a lot of soccer, averaging a little over two games a week. I noticed on Saturday that my shins were getting a bit sore, but figured no big deal. Apparently I was wrong. I started running today, got about 1 mile into the 5k, and my shins were killing me. I had to slack of the pace big time, and by the time I was at around 1.5 miles, I was walking, trying to save my shins. I finished the race with a mix of walking/jogging, at a whopping 35:07 or something ridiculous. How silly.

Because of the shin splints, I'm not sure about running the 10k in June. It was so bad that even driving home, my shins were in pain. I think I don't notice the pain during soccer games as I'm usually too focused on the game, but running isn't enough to keep my mind off the pain. The bad part is that my shins are still sore, and it's been a good 5 hours or so since I "ran."

Oh well, I've got a soccer game tomorrow, and I fully intend on playing . . . If we win tomorrow night, we'd move into second place in the league. (Our team is technically undefeated, though we do have a tie . . .) I think we're going to get smoked tomorrow night though, as we don't have a strong defense, and we might not have enough girls show up.

On non-athletic notes, Marquez has updated his journal (and it only took him 8 months - even Josh has a better update history than that!). Nice to hear that he's alive and has relocated to San Diego, and as he told me on the phone yesterday "The first decision I have to make in the morning is top-up or top-down" (regarding the convertible he now drives). What a difficult life.

Tony's had some great links recently, two of which are: Helena isn't very big, maybe 30,000 people, so you tend to know a high percentage of people. Nate (who I met through soccer) keeps a blog, detailing his adventures since he relocated from Helena to L.A. (and it seems he's at E3?!?). Browsing his links, I ended up reading this post which reminded me just how small Helena is. The coffee-table breaking incident is one that I'd heard about through a friend of mine (who recently had this letter on the role of religion and the founding father's published in the local alternative paper).

Speaking of the Queen City News, their cover story this week was about the Vigilante Parade. Apparently the high school kids at the two high schools here in Helena get Thursday and Friday off to prepare and then participate in this parade. It's quite the spectacle, with the theme of the parade emphasizing Montana/Helena history. Capital High School has some pictures and the list of prize winners online. It was quite the spectacle last Friday afternoon (apparently ~1,500 kids participated with 179 entries in the parade!), and it seemed like half of Helena was at the parade (and not at work). Working in the prevention field, it was surprising to me how many of the floats had depictions of bars and alcohol usage. While we joke that it's part of the culture in Montana, the fact that it's considered a social norm plays a huge part in the fact that Montana has consistently higher alcohol use rates for teens.

Okay, enough rambling . . .

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