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I played soccer Monday night for Rookies/Bleachers. Right before kick-off I was thinking to myself "My throat feels a bit sore, I hope I'm not getting sick." Unfortunately, I did get sick, and didn't get to play in the BrewCrew vs. Helena United Football Club game. My team (with the wonderful team name of My Drinking Team Has A Soccer Problem), has a game tomorrow night vs. unknown (the team didn't have a name when the schedules were made). Even though my throat is still bugging me, I'm going to try and play tomorrow - and be deathly ill this weekend. How's that for dedication (or stupidity) . . .

On another note, I think I've either gotten better as a soccer player, or more people are talking to me. I never considered myself to be a "good" player, as there are several strong players in the league, both male and female, who played lots of soccer growing up. I, on the other hand, was the kid who didn't realize you had to actually practice to get good, so instead stopped playing when I got to junior high as everyone on the team seemed better than me. I started playing intramural soccer when I got to college, and then some pick-up games, leagues, and indoor. This season, a couple people have pointed out to me that I'm a solid player, which I'm surprised anyone noticed. Like I said, there's a lot of standout players, so if I was going to compliment anyone's game, it would be some of them.

The on area of my game that I'd really like to work on is my speed, but I don't have the dedication to really do intervals or any serious speed training. The Rookies have this guy who's probably 40, and he's one of the fastest guys out there - it's very impressive. They also have Joe, who was an All-American for the 400 or the 4x400 in college. On the other hand, while they have some speedy folks, they don't have a strong offensive player, though the new guy they've got (Lee from Texas) is both quick and has a decent shot. They may improve as the season goes on . . .

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