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Reel Big Fish
buzzed, B&W
So, I was a bit late getting Reel Big Fish's new album, We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy. I was a bit late getting this album - for some reason I didn't think it was coming out till June, but the street release date was April 5th (and it looks like the mp3 was released March 11th). I got the album last Wednesday I think, and similar to my friend Marquez's no-talking-about-a-movie-until-30-minutes-after-finishing-it, I was trying to digest the CD a bit before I wrote what I thought. So, the CD is kind of typical RBF, continuing the tongue-in-cheek and self-deprecating humor shown in Sellout and then in We Care - which was a sort of response to the success, and then the "fan" reaction to Sellout, with the great lines:
Thanks for calling us sellouts and not takin' a joke
and talkin' shit and covering us with spit.
We're so glad to know you care (we care)
And we're sorry that so many people got to enjoy our music, by hearin' us on the radio
and then Where Have You Been, where they make fun of the record company asking for a "modern rock" song on their album.

On the new album, they've got some more great lyrics in songs such as Don't Start a Band
Don't start a band. You'll be so disappointed that it was nothing like you planned.
Turn the Radio Off
Turn the radio off.
Try thinking for yourself for once in your life.
I hate the music business, it's filled with greed.
It's run by old men who don't know what I need.
I'm getting older fast, I hope this anger lasts
So I can have the strength to keep fighting back.
and One Hit Wonderful
Fourteen minutes and fifty-nine seconds into our fifteen minutes of fame.
When the luck runs out, I won't wonder who's to blame.
They've also got their typical laments about relationships in The Bad Guy
This is not a song about the one that got away.
This is not a song about the girl who didn't love me.
Once again I have made somebody cry.
Once again, once again I am the bad guy.
I am the bad guy.
and Your Guts - I Hate 'Em. I really like the cover of Tracy Chapman's Talkin' Bout a Revolution. I didn't know the song before, but it's a great cover (RBF has done a lot of covers, including A-Ha's Take on Me, New York, New York (best known as a Sinatra song, but oringinally done by Liza Minnelli), Nothing Like a Dame from Rodgers and Hamemrstein's South Pacific, Morrissey's We Hate It When Our Friends
Become Successful
, Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf, SocialD's Story of My Life etc etc).

Overall, the CD seems much more mellow than past CD's - I still love popping in 1998's Why Do They Rock So Hard? and cranking it. 2002's Cheer Up was pretty mellow too though. The hidden track on this one is weird too - past albums have had studio outtakes, and some random stuff, but this one takes the cake, with some crazy distortion, and what sounds like a track that's backwards. The album is a bit of an evolution as well - not quite the horn-heavy sounds from their earlier days, but not quite the pop sounds of Cheer Up.

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Thanks for remembering me

Thanks for the homage. Its nice to know that I have left my print on you in some manner. Just think, a few more moments of pondering about me and you will be ready to join me in planting a church here in SoCal.

You realize we are the perfect odd-couple, with you being scatter brained right winger and me be a classic a-type asian guy - oops other way around.

BTW, check out Springsteen's Devils and Dust. Pretty good album if you like the accoustic sound.

pura vida,


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