hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Random babblings (tongue in cheek)

So, tonight I was chatting with Kim, a fellow Ohioan. The conversation started with her mentioning how she had heard the drummer for the band at the bar was cute, and going from there. She couldn't see the drummer, and I'm a horrible judge of male attractiveness, so we started a conversation upon what would be deal breakers. Ideas that came up were stupidity, being a Republican, and being shorter than her. We talked a bit about how whether the male being taller than the female was biological or societal, but the more interesting part was the intelligence discussion. She mentioned having dated someone in college who was really smart, taking philosophy classes in addition to the businesses classes he was taking (in what was supposedly a rigorous business program), and everything came easy to him. This hit home since I tend to think of myself as the guy Kim was describing. I coasted through high school (finishing third in my class) and then through college (graduating with a 3.8, college president, etc), but never really caring about what I was doing. I still feel that I'm intelligent enough that I could do whatever I wanted, reasonably easily, but it's a matter of finding out what that is. I wish I knew what I wanted. *sighs*

On a completely unrelated note, I was having a conversation at lunch with Kelly, and let's say it was about cookies. For argument's sake, let's assume you're allergic to cookies. If a friend of yours was giving away cookies, and they gave cookies to 2/3 of your friends, but didn't offer you a cookie, would you feel insulted? (And before you get worked up about this K-Hart, I'm just messing with your head :P)

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