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Montana Taxes
buzzed, B&W
Damn, that took longer than expected. Basically an hour to get it all done. I ended up owing money to the state because of my capital gains. And the stupid online tax payment site for Montana, charged me $2 to pay with an e-check. Damn the price of convenience.

I still have to mail in hard copies of everything. Montana wants all my state returns, my federal return, my W-2s (which I'd gotten used to not having to tear apart), and all the various forms I had to complete for them. Bleh.

While doing my Montana taxes, I realized I screwed up on my capital gains. I apparently misread my Ameritrade statement, and rather than listing purchase price, I listed the price from the end of the month. What's the difference? The stocks I bought went depreciated slightly, so my capital gain was actually about $200 less than what I reported. Whoops. My refunds exceeded my expenditures, so I doubt it's worth the hassle of trying to submit an amendment or whatever I would need to do. In fact, my overall tax liability might not even change with a difference of $200 in my AGI.

yea for being almost done with my taxes!


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