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Urban Legends
buzzed, B&W
So, at the Sasquatch hunt they were giving out glowstick bracelets with your "hunting license." Right after I got mine, this grey-haired couple comes up, and the guy says "Are these those jelly sex bracelets?!?" My how urban legends spread . . .

For those who don't know, the story was that middle school aged kids were wearing them, and playing a game called Snap, where you'd break someone's bracelet and they'd owe you sexual favors depending on the color of the bracelet. This seems to be a media concoction though, and are similar to the pop tab thing that I remember joking about with friends (one pop-tab with the ring still on was a kiss, five would get you some tongue, etc etc).

Anyway, I decided to keep my mouth shut and let the guy think that glowstick bracelets were jellies . . . and that breaking it would get him some action . . . though is pretty funny . . .


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