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Poor Teacher
buzzed, B&W
Wow, so this teacher tries to be creative and loses his job in the process. While teaching a lesson on acids and bases (and a bit of biology as well, showing how the human body reacts when it's pH is thrown out of whack), he asked for students to volunteer to drink milk until they puke. Milk is actually mildly acidic, with a pH around 6.6, but no where close the the pH of stomach acid, which is around 1 (it's basically hydrochloric acid). Anyway, some of the students actually drank enough milk to throw their system out of whack, causing their body to expel the milk as an emergency response to maintain the pH balance. Seems like a great way to me to get kids to remember how systems generally need to keep pH balances. Anyway, the guy lost his job over this . . . what a shame.