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Oh yea!

I swear, my family has no idea what I do. (This probably has to do with the fact that I don't tell them what I do . . . )

Anyway, my step-mother just sent me three e-mails. The first two were from Orbitz, and they had cruise details for a 4-night Western Caribbean cruise on Celebrity Cruises, while the second was for a 5-night Western Caribbean cruise with Grand Cayman on Royal Caribbean.

The third was an e-mail that included:
tony and ernie and everett and lori and aimee,

you will need about 5-6 days of december off for this. either 21st - 26th or 24th-29th.

let me know if you have any problems with this.
So, let's break this down a bit - the price for the first set of dates is $570 for an interior room, $700 for ocean view, and $1,310 for a suite (assuming double occupancy, you can shove more people in a room for $250/person). The other cruise is $909, $1,039, or $2,439 (and a mere $549/person). Even ignoring the fact that getting go FL would not be cheap, I make a whopping $985/month before taxes, and have no idea what I'll be doing once we get to August - grad school is a possibility, which is not going to change my financial status significantly.

Maybe my parents are thinking this will be an extravagant X-mas present for the "kids" who will be 22, 25, 25, 26, and I have no idea how old Lori is . . .

Nope, no problems here . . .

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