hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

St. Patrick's Day Update

So, I finished my 40 days and 40 nights on Monday. Went out for Kelly's official birthday and had a few beers. Tuesday I took off. Wednesday, Steph, Jon, and I ended up at the Rialto after watching the Incredibles with Marcial and Lisa at their place.

Butte (about 70 miles south of Helena) is known for it's St. Patrick Day Celebration - there's no open container law, and supposedly this is one of the largest celebrations in the world . . .

Thursday, St. Patrick's Day, is when things start to get bad - Steph and I are both taking the day off, because we want to see the parade. (Most of the other Helena people are working the morning, and coming in the afternoon.) We wake up early, check the roads, etc etc, and decide to brave it - there had been forecasts of 18" of snow and things. Steph and I get out of Helena around 9:00; the roads aren't horrible, but they've still got some snow on them, and there's places where I'm driving 55 or so. We roll into Butte around 10:30, and realize we need some food, so we stop at McDonald's. Steph gets a 10 piece nugget, and I have two double cheeseburgers (I also inadvertently through her coffee away . . . whoops!). We then make a quick stop at Safeway and get a 12 pack of Coors and throw it in my bookbag. We get to the parade at about 11:05, and enjoy the parade. Around 11:30, we decide to join the rest of the Buttians, and open up two of the beers in the backpack . . .

Anyway, Steph and I eventually run into Kyle, and then the rest of the people, and continue celebrating St. Patrick's Day . . .

So, yesterday is the first time I would say I was sloppy drunk. I'm missing bits and pieces (5 minutes here, 5 minutes there, maybe 30 minutes total) of my day, and people say I was bad. I'll leave it to others to comment here if they wish.

Anyway, most of us finally got back to Kyle's around midnight, and are asleep by 12:30 AM. We're up in the morning around 8, and end up getting breakfast at Denny's.

Lisa and I ride back to Helena, as do Greg and Steph, and we make a stop at the Gold Bar for some Bloody Mary's. I get out of there around 12:45 PM and go up to Great Divide to snowboard with Justin. I'm snowboarding out there on and off till around 6:30 PM, at which point I realize I'm just going to hurt myself if I stay longer. The last run I made, I fell twice, primarily from exhaustion. Roll back into town, and finally get back to my apartment for the first time in a day and a half. I soak in the tub, debating if I should go out or if I should stay in . . .

Stupidly, I decide to go out . . . so I walk back to the GB where the pool league is playing tonight, and I see everyone else . . . while it's great to see everyone, and to play a couple games of pool, I'm wiped out and I'm out of early . . . and now I'm here . . . I'll be sleeping nicely tonight ;)

Pictures of the silliness are here.

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