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I'm a slacker

I love how Josh L. leaves me comments, but doesn't sign his name. His distinct writing style is enough to give him away.

Anyway, he's right that I haven't really been keeping up with this. Not sure why that is . . . I've been busy volunteering at Destination Imagination tournaments in the state. I've met some interesting people here at the tournaments - one woman saw me wearing my VISTA vest, and told me how her college roommate in '78 was a VISTA here in Helena. The woman had visited her old roommate (they were originally from the Boston area), and she ended up moving out here. Small world sometimes.

I also met another woman who had seen Spellbound at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, as her son was a competitor, which I thought was kind of cool.

I also recently finished reading Life of Pi. While I liked the ending, I'm not sure why the book had such great reviews.

All right, so not one of my better posts, but that's all I have to say . . .

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