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Wow, this past week has been exhausting. Monday was MLK Day, which is a day of service, so we did our service day. Pictures of that are here. I'd say it was a pretty successful event.

Then we had PSO for our new VISTAs, and they wore sworn in by the Lt. Gov. of Montana, John Bohlinger. That part was actually pretty cool, as he took time to go around and personally shake everyone's hand, chat with them a bit about where they're serving, and things like that.

By the way, I'm pretty psyched by our new class of VISTAs.

PSO went till Friday afternoon, at which point I went and had some coffee with Greta and Melissa, which was nice as well. After that, I headed over to help setup for Paint the Town Pink. That took me till 10:45 PM, at which point I grew frustrated and went to Miller's. Apparently, everyone things I was drunk as I was "hyper." I think I was slightly more energetic as I wanted to forget about the mess that was the ceiling for Pink, but I wouldn't say I was drunk. *shrugs*

Saturday I went in for a bit to help with the ceiling some more, and then went and did some laundry, before going to Pink. After Pink, a bunch of us went to the bar, and post-party till 5:30 AM or so. I didn't do anything Sunday, except mess with the computer, and tried to get Gallery working (which I finally figured out earlier today). Of course, it took much longer to setup and upload the pictures I have (didn't make it to the gym as planned), but I now have a nice place to put all my pictures!

I'm now trying to catch up at work (quarterly reports, MLK day wrap up, NYSD pre-planning, member support, whee!)

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