hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Meeting people

I don't know, but I think I'm way too picky about people I meet. I keep listening to people when I meet them, and most of them get along with me, but while sitting there listening, I have a hard time paying attention. Call it ADD/ADHD, call it a superiority complex, call it whatever you want, but it just seems like the people who talk to me, like to talk just to talk. For example, this girl I know was trying to explain how easy percentages were, and was saying that when something is 20% off, you just subtract the percentage from 1, and multiply. And I spent the whole time trying not to laugh, as for me that's so obvious. But again, I don't know. I realize part of this is the awkward, feeling each other out phase when you first meet people, where you don't know much about them, but ugh. I guess I might need more patience. *sigh*

On another note, I didn't get to go to the YMCA today as planned. We've been dumped on with about 6" of snow. Bleh.

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