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Reel Big Fish and Concert History

So while I'm going to be in the LA area next week, I wonder how far I will be from Anaheim or Hollywood, as Reel Big Fish (one of my favorite bands) will be playing at the House of Blues on the 28th and 29th respectively. The New Years Eve show that they have going on in Vegas sounds nice too - Zebrahead, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Suburban Legends, etc. Man, it's been a while since I've been to a ska show. I think the last one I saw (if you don't count the high schoolers in Helena who were using the park for a show, and did some Less than Jake covers), was Reel Big Fish on July 1st in Cincinnati at Bogarts. (Flipping through my LiveJournal archives, I found this post, that reminded me of a conversation the girls had when we went to see a local production of the Nutcracker.)

I also flipped through my ticket stubs, realizing I'm missing some from the more recent shows, but it's amazing how many shows I went to in the past, especially when I lived in the Cleveland area. I'm typing the list here since it's something I've been meaning to do and also for posterity's sake (I know that I'm missing the Kenny G show I went to when I was younger, and probably some others).

  • 09/08/96 - Edgefest '96 (The Verve Pipe, 7 Mary 3, Poe, Flock of Seagulls, Guided by Voices, and I think Reel Big Fish, among others) at the UD Arena Backyard

  • 09/07/97 - Edgefest '97 (Sponge, Veruca Salt, Matthew Sweet, K's Choice, The Refreshments, Jars of Clay, etc) at the UD Arena Backyard

  • 11/07/97 - Everclear, Our Lady Peace, and Letters to Cleo at Bogarts

  • 09/13/98 - X-fest '98 (previously Edge-fest) - First time I saw Reel Big Fish . . . don't know who else played that year

  • 10/16/98 - Better than Ezra at the Odeon (remember I was 19, living alone for the first time, in the middle of nowhere in north-east Ohio . . . I went to a lot of shows just because I had nothing else to do)

  • 10/29/98 - Suicide Machines and Avail at the Agora

  • 11/07/98 - Fastball at Peabody's

  • 11/11/98 - Goo Goo Dolls at the Agora

  • 11/17/98 - MxPx at the Odeon

  • 11/21/98 - Supertones at the Agora - unknown to me this was a big Christian ska show (I think Five Iron Frenzy and some others played as well), and there were a lot of youth groups with some pretty young looking kids, who obviously didn't get out enough. Some of the kids started crowd surfing before any bands were playing. Anyway, one of the girls who was crowd surfing got dropped, and had to get carried out on a backboard. The EMT when he came in was looking for a watch with a sweep hand, and I was wearing my Swiss Army watch, and loaned in to him. I'm not sure why he couldn't use a digital with seconds . . .

  • 11/29/98 - Sax-o-Tromba(cheesy local group) at the Agora

  • 02/19/99 - Reel Big Fish at Bogart's (this is when I was back in school for a quarter before going back out on co-op)

  • 04/20/99 - Better than Ezra at the Odeon (this was a mistake as this was just a repeat of the October 16th show, but I was back in Ashtabula)

  • 05/20/99 - The Verve Pipe at the Odeon

  • 07/01/99 - Ten Foot Pole at Top Cat's

  • 07/23/99 - Fuel at Bogart's

  • 07/30/99 - Marvelous 3 at Bogart's

  • 08/13/99 - RBF at Bogart's

  • 08/23/99 - Kottonmouth Kings at Bogart's

  • 08/27/99 - Mustard Plug at Bogart's

  • 09/04/99 - Punk-o-Rama at Bogarts (I don't remember who was playing)

  • 08/12/99 - X-Fest '99 (Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Fuel, Fastball, Joydrop, Verve Pipe, GBV, Citizen King, etc) at UD Arena Backyard

  • 10/14/99 - Creed, OLP, and Oleander at the Aragon (I had relocated for a co-op in the Chicago area, and went to this show to see Our Lady Peace . . . )

  • 12/04/99 - Q101's Twisted 6 - Bush, Fiona Apple, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Filter, Moby, Run DMC, and Blink 182 at Allstate Arena - it's amazing what kind of bands one of the top radio station's can draw in. I missed Run DMC as I got there a bit late. It was sad to see Fiona get booed off stage, but it's somewhat understandable when you look at the rest of the bands that were playing. Another thing I remember from this show was I was standing up in the wings at the top of the stands, and some kid comes up to me and says "Were you at X-fest in Dayton?" Crazy coincidence and I'm amazed the guy remembered seeing me and recognized me in the dark. I'm not sure what made me stick out in his memory (though I think Kelly would have you believe it was because I'm Asian . . . )

  • 05/20/00 - Q101's Jamboree (Long Beach Dub Allstars, Suicide Machines, Bloodhound Gang, Eve 6, Moby, Travis, Everclear, Goldfinger, Third Eye Blind, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and 311) - this was a great show . . . I remember being up front for the Suicide Machines and singing along while frontman Jason Navarro shoved the mic in my face.

  • 07/01/00 - Plea for Peace tour at Bogart's - I don't remember who played, but Tony and Tim and I went

  • 07/22/00 - Less than Jake at Bogart's

  • 08/01/01 - Crouching Fish, Hidden Finger (RBF and Goldfinger) at Bogart's

  • 01/18/02 - The Suicide Machines at Bogart's

  • 07/31/02 - Warped Tour at Riverbend - Lots of bands. I mainly went for Reel Big Fish (I missed half their set as they were playing early in the morning), NoFx, the Bosstones, and MxPx. I don't remember a lot of the bands that are listed as having played as being there . . .

  • 09/16/02 - Goldfinger at Bogart's

  • 09/20/02 - The Suicide Machines at Bogart's

  • 10/03/02 - Reel Big Fish at Bogart's

  • 09/15/03 - X-fest 2003 - Mainly went for Goldfinger (who the crowd did not appreciate as most of the bands were like Union Underground and Sevendust, who did an awesome job of ending the night) at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds

  • 09/17/03 - Goldfinger at Bogart's - much better than two earlier

  • 10/03/03 - Dashboard Confessional and MxPx at the Aragon - this was with Tony, and we met Justin afterwards

  • 07/01/04 - RBF at Bogart's

Wow, I didn't realized I'd seen RBF six times . . . I think I'm missing an LTJ show or two in there, since I know I've seen them more than once. Four times for Goldfinger seems a little skimpy too, but that might be right. And this post too way longer than planned . . . I sat down thinking I'd write a quick note about RBF playing next week . . . and instead I wrote my concert history and reminisced for a little over an hour . . . whoops . . . anyway, off to get some shrimp scampi!

Edit on 5/11/06 - I found some old stubs, and added three shows - 9/16/02, 9/20/02, and 10/3/02; Goldfinger, The Suicide Machines, and RBF respectively . . .

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