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Working out and smart people
buzzed, B&W
So, I joined the local YMCA - they offer a VISTA rate of $10/month, and after this past Sunday, when I used the excuse that it's too cold out to not hike up Mt. Helena, I decided I better go ahead and join. When I first got out here, I missed working out, and was talking about how I missed that sore feeling in the morning after working out. There's definitely part of me that does miss that, but driving home tonight I was so sore that it hurt to drive. I think most of this is just because I haven't worked out for so long.

I also had a reminder of how small Helena is. I saw a guy come in and he seemed vaguely familiar. Finally after an hour or so he finally came up to me and said hi, and re-introduced himself - I had met him at one of our AmeriCorps trainings, and he's one of the local bigwigs with the Montana Conservation Corps. I did one of my VISTAs a favor and plugged him as he's applying for one of the senior crew leader positions. The whole conversation reminded me a bit of a conversation I had with my brother when he was out here - I was asking him what it was like working at Google, being surrounded by brilliant people, and realized after I had talked up my friend, that I'm surrounded by great people too. There are plenty of incredible VISTAs here, who I totally respect and admire - some of them have wonderful people skills, amazing communication skills, passion, desire, etc etc. Anyway, just a quick little braindrop . . .


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