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Long weeks

So, this week at work was long - we had Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training, which was a rather good training. But, we also had recruiting going on this week. All said, I worked a solid 54 hours or so this week. Yesterday, I was wondering why I was so beat, since I've definitely had weeks where I've worked like that. Looking back, I think it was mainly that there was no down time. I threw myself into the training, trying to set a good example for my VISTAs, but I also went all out on recruiting. During every "break" the group was given, I was on the phone and/or doing e-mail, touching base back at the office or seeing how various recruits were doing. When I'm in the office, I'll take a couple minutes here and there, whether it be to post here, read a web site or two, or check up on my stocks. Last week, I was going all out, with no breaks. It's amazing how much of a difference those few minutes of distraction can make . . .

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