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I'm so mean sometimes
buzzed, B&W
So, this comic made me laugh and reminded me of Kelly. Not that she's a huge drinker, but because she's not drinking for a week to prove to herself that she's not a total lush. I know it's mean of me to laugh at her struggle . . .

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That's so not, I love how you say "she's not a total lush," suggesting that even if I can go for a certain amount of time without an alcoholic beverage, there will always be a lush in me...maybe it's true ::::sigh:::: i should just give up and have a drink.

speaking of drinking, did you know there's a 2nd pub here in town now? It's called O'briens and is next to K's, across from the PD. It's own by makenzie hammond's parents... nice place, a bit small, but they have Harp, which is my new favorite pale ale. I haven't tried any of the food yet, but people say it's good. They always have $2 bud light pints but the harp is $4, but it's twice as good so I'll pay it.

Please pretend my last message didn't sound like someone half my age wrote it.

Josh, that last comment was good for a laugh, which I badly needed after how long this week has been (even though it's only Tuesday). Thanks.

I knew about O'Briens, but haven't made it out there. I don't think I've ever had Harps, though I'm familiar with the beer. Pale ale wise, I usually get a Sierra Nevada, or out here there's lots of good IPA's and OPA's from the microbreweries.

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