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Key happenings
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So, I locked myself out of the apartment earlier. I managed to get in with some assistance from my neighbor. In the process, I thought I'd check on my bike and see if I could use that key to jimmy my lock, as the locks here aren't anything special. Anyway, I keep the key for my cable lock, two pants straps, and a dollar bill in the little bag on my bike - or I should say kept. Looks like someone stole all that, but for some reason didn't take the bike, or the helmet that's clipped on. Weird. I'm either going to have to ask my parents if they can find the other key back home, or call Kryptonite and get a key. Not real high on my todo list though, as it's getting way too cold to ride a bike - might be a different story if I had some good windproof stuff, but I don't . . .

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You should just use a pen.

Oh, I guess you have a cable lock. In that case just use wire/bolt cutters.

It seems everyone is suggesting that Bic trick . . . which is mainly interesting in that it was first published in '92, but only recently got mainstream attention, and has caused Kryptonite to take action.

Actually, I found I have the spare key with me here in MT . . . so the question becomes do I need to get a new lock . . . I think I will, but again, it's low on my list of things to do . . . I'm thinking I'll just get a really cheap cable/combination unit so I don't have to deal with a key. It's not like Helena is a high crime city.

Once the person who stole the little bag realizes they have the key, they'll probably come back for the bike.

You should set up a sting operation. Camp out in a nearby bush, and when they come back shoot them with a BB gun.

I think it'd be much more satisfying to rush them and tackle them . . . but I don't think that's something I could do.

I'm assuming they realize they have the key - they didn't take the bag, they cleaned out what was in the bag . . . and I haven't checked the bike for like 2 weeks, so if they were going to come back for it, you'd think they would have done it already. *shrugs*

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