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Great Conversations
buzzed, B&W
Wow. So those who know me also know that they can always get an opinion out of me. Sarah said I'd have to tell her how this whole Great Conversations thing went, and responded to her saying something about "psh, you know I will . . . whether I rant or I rave, I'll have something to say about it." Fortunately, I'm raving about the event. I was at the table with Charlotte Jones, a professor in the communications department at Carroll. The table was titled "Venus Envy" and focused on gender and communications. My one complaint about the event was that, probably due to the $60/head price tag, the crowd was full of "older" people. I was by far the youngest at the table, with everyone besides Dr. Jones being married and having kids, most of whom were 18+. Anyway, a pretty good conversation in general, getting perspectives about how we were raised affected who we are today and our perspectives on gender roles. Of course, I kept getting referred to as "the young guy" who had a different perspective, but that's to be expected to some degree.

Interestingly enough, I sat next to a woman who works in the same cube-a-riffic area as Kelly and Sarah, and all the Legal Services VISTAs, and another woman was thinking about getting her son to talk to me to consider what he'd be doing come graduation in the spring.