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Korean Cult-ure
buzzed, B&W
So I went to a Korean Presbyterian church yesterday. I call it a cult since all churches are cults to some degree, and Korean churches seem to do it a bit more. The service was very traditional, and all in Korean. And perhaps that was the biggest turn off. While people were very friendly, and tried to help me around, they wouldn't speak to me in English. Now, with some of the traditional families, I'm sure that the women stay home and never really had a need to learn Korean, but still. When I'm responding to everything you say in Korean in English, you think you might realize I'm not comfortable speaking in Korean and make efforts to accomodate me. I left the church after lunch, having talked to no one. I don't think I'm going back. The fact that I'm non-religous to start could have a bit to do with it as well.


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