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buzzed, B&W
So I hadn't checked out Damon's blog in quite a while, but after making that last footnote, I gave it a quick scan. I really like the idea of trying to leverage the "backchannel" in an educational setting. "The main idea of the talk was that people are going to be using laptops, etc. for things during lectures anyway - you can't stop it - so instead let's come up with ways to make that beneficial." In a room full of true learners, this would be easy, as the students would be motivated, and the lecturer doesn't have to make a huge effort as long as he's competent.

The question becomes how can you apply this to those students who are in class just so they can pass? Can you design your lectures so that the backchannel actually makes your material more interesting/engaging? Is there a way to promote it to the degree that college freshman, or even high schoolers, would participate in the backchannel rather than using AIM? *ponders*


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