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The Motorcycle Diaries and anonymity
buzzed, B&W
So, The Motorcycle Diaries is really good. I know almost nothing about Che Guevara, so I went into the movie blind. Anyway, apparently before Ernesto turned freedom fighter, he spent time exploring South America on a motorcycle - some 9000 km or so. The movie stresses how this trip formed the foundation for his later actions, with his seeing the mistreatment of indigenous people, political enemies, and poor people. Many of the ideas closely parallel things I see everyday as an AmeriCorps. The movie was powerful and pretty moving, and I've added the book to my to read list, but I'm still not sure what I think about Guevara's guerrilla years.

So anyway, even though I went to the movie to be anonymous and have a day by myself, I still ran into people leaving the theatre. Random girl I bet at the bar, who I actually had a decent conversation with, but it's getting hard to be anonymous here in town. (Okay, so the Asian guy with blonde tips sticks out no matter what, but that's besides the point.)

I also went for a hike, going up the powerline trail, which is probably one of the steeper, if not steepest ascents of Mt. Helena. About halfway up, I ran into four deer, a doe and 3 fawns. Two were on one side of the trail, and two were on the other, and they were probably 5-20 feet away. I just stood there watching them for a bit, when I realized one of the deer was bleating, much like a sheep. Who knew that deer bleated?

Tonight I went to a fundraiser for SAVE, a group that promotes recycling. I mainly went to be a free-gan[1]. Anyway, I ended up helping out a bit since Matt, a guy I met in town, does a lot with the organization. I helped with their silent auction, as well as getting them some pens and paper, all the while thinking that the event needed an engineer. They had lots of good prizes and things, but there was a definite lack of organization - which seemed to go all right, mainly because the crowd was made of lots of laid back, save-the-Earth type folks, but I think with some organization they could have easily made 20% more on their auction.

[1] This is a play on vegan, but instead you make an emphasis to seek out and eat free food. I believe this term was coined by Damon.


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