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So last night, I at first tried calling people (Crain, Hart, and Craig, if you want to be specific) to see if anyone wanted to go see Huckabees with me. Even before I called, I had planned on going to see it, whether anyone said yes or not. After I did get all the rejections and voicemails, I actually started getting excited about going to see it alone. For some reason, since I've come out here, I haven't had a lot of my old introverted self (which reminds me I want to take a few online Myers Briggs tests to see where I'm at these days).

Anyway, I walked up the hill to the theatre last night, thinking I'd have a quiet, introspective evening, do a little people watching, and just enjoy having some time by myself. Instead I ran into DeStaffany and Gilbert, which was sort of nice since I don't see them that often, but it did prevent me from having true alone time. (Though one might argue sitting along in a semi-crowded theater isn't true alone time.) Anyway, I'm going to try again today - though I feel a bit shady doing it as a few others have mentioned wanting to see Motorcycle Diaries - especially since last night both Hart and Craig mentioned they'd like to see Huckabees and I selfishly went on my own. Oh well, I think this time will be good for me, and afterwards I think I'll hike Helena for some more alone time. Should be nice.

Oh, and why the hell when you google for the motorcycle diaries does the blurb for the official movie site read "Acne Treatment Acne Product Acne Cure Medication"? (And is that question mark supposed to be inside or outside the quotation marks?)

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